A Consumer Guide To Legal Resources


New York State Court’s Access To Justice Site

The New York State Court System has a website called Access To Justice, which provides free do it yourself information and forms for people handling legal matters on their own. According to its mission statement, the site was set up t”o ensure access to justice in civil and criminal matters for New Yorkers of all incomes, backgrounds and special needs, by using every resource, including self-help services, pro bono programs, and technological tools, and by securing stable and adequate non-profit and government funding for civil and criminal legal services programs.”

The “Court Help” section of the site contains addresses and telephone numbers of courts and state offices, free downloadable legal forms, and a layer directory that includes information on free legal representation.

There also is a “self-help shelf” where you can learn specific legal procedures on your own.

It really is a great resource for those who can’t afford to retain an attorney. It’s also good if you just want to educate yourself.