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Consumer Privacy Guide

Tired of getting interrupted by some cold caller when you’re just sitting down to dinner? This site may just be what you’ve been looking for. The Consumer Privacy Guide is a terrific online resource for people concerned about their privacy,or lack thereof. Getting unwanted phone calls during dinner has been a problem for me recently. We signed up for the National Do Not Call list a few years back, but somehow it seems to have expired. Thanks to this site I just found the link and signed up again. It took all of three minutes.

There is a ton of useful information on this site There’s a glossary of internet privacy terms, which contains lots of jargon I’d never heard of like “completion and support of current activity.” I still don’t know exactly what it is, but I don’t like it. Something about computers collecting my private information.

I know I have personally become more lax in protecting my privacy online. I am more and more willing to trade convenience for security. This site reminded me of the risks I’ve been taking.

There is an extensive article about protecting children’s privacy online. This really hit home as my own kid practically lives online, and she’s not even in middle school yet.

There’s plenty more. I never think to use anonymous re-mailers,e-mail encryption, or anonymous surfing.  All of these things are probably good ideas.

The site is sponsored by a number of consumer privacy organizations, including Call For Action, Inc., The Center For Democracy and Technology, Common Cause,Consumer ActionThe National consumer’s League, and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.