A Consumer Guide To Legal Resources


The Supreme Court of Ohio’s Guide To Lawyers

This isn’t a web site. It’s a book in pdf format entitled “A Consumer’s Practical Guide to Managing a Relationship With a Lawyer.” You can find the pdf file here. Just for the record, it’s not about managing a romantic relationship with a lawyer. You undertake one of those at your own risk, and we don’t recommend it. We’re talking here about an attorney client relationship.

The Guide is geared to Ohio residents, but the 33 page booklet contains information useful to all U.S. citizens who need a lawyer or already have a lawyer.

An early chapter describes situations when you should consider hiring a lawyer, such as making a will, buying a house, or if you get arrested. Most of the information presented here should be obvious.

Then they walk you through the process of finding a lawyer: getting referrals, checking the lawyer’s educational background, and interviewing the lawyer. This is all good practical advice.

There is a good section on legal fees that describe the three usual types of fee arrangements:hourly,flat, or contingency. Learn which type is most appropriate for your situation.

Later chapters discuss possible fee disputes that might arise with your lawyer and lawyer misconduct. If the need arises, you can learn about reporting your lawyer to disciplinary committees.

If you can’t afford a lawyer, there are suggestions as to how you can try to retain one free of charge.

There is even a glossary of legal terms at the back of the guide.